Your portrait session is all about you. Bring clothing that fits, and shows off your personality & style. If you're buying clothing for the session, make sure it's ironed and looking fresh. Keep it on the hanger in the car so it doesn't get wrecked.

Check out my all-new free STYLE GUIDE for tons of pro tips!

It’s also important that you are comfortable in your clothes. If you are not comfortable, it will show in your pictures. Girls - feel free to wear heels, but also bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes or flops. We'll be walking around a LOT!

- I want traditional portraits. Is that something you offer?

My "style" is heavily influenced by fashion industry, advertising, and candid portrait photographers from cities around the world. This artsy, candid, urban-styled look is what I've been studying and practicing for years, and it's what I strive to achieve with every shoot. I believe images like this show much more emotion & personality than a traditional, carefully posed, stiff portrait. Because of this, I don't really offer a ton of traditional posing. If you're looking for a more traditional-mindset photographer, shoot me a message and I'll connect you with somebody you'll love.

- I have no idea where I want to be photographed!

Never fear! I have SO MANY legit spots in the Western Colorado area. Feel free to scroll through my Insta for some inspiration. During your consultation phone call I can help you decide!

- Do you offer hair and makeup?

I do not currently offer hair or makeup work. I recommend clean, simple makeup application with added emphasis on lips and eyes. Lots of my clients get professional makeup done at Ulta the day of, and schedule hair appointments at their regular salon a week or so before the shoot to make sure everything's on point.

Again, check out my Style Guide for more tips!

Guys: Drink plenty of water, eat clean, and use some chapstick for a week before your session so your skin looks its best.

- HOw does payment work?

50% of the Session fee is due at sign-up. The 50% Session deposit is non-refundable, and holds your spot on my calendar. Payment happens online, before the session, via card through my website. The other 50% of the Session Fee is due on or before shoot day!

Due to the nature of digital photography and the amount of work I put into every image, it's my personal policy that I will not deliver any final images or printed products until payment has been completed in full.

- What can I expect during the photo session?

On the day of your session, we will meet at a designated location we'll plan before the date. Generally I shoot in the evenings for that soft, pretty light. If you need me to, I can help you decide which outfits & colors look best with the surroundings.

Generally, a portrait session will last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour per location. I shoot pretty fast-paced -- we'll be moving around a lot. Follow my IG story to see some behind the scenes! @jerchannel

Jeremy Poland Print Orders.jpg

- What can I expect during the Ordering Session?

A few days after your Photo Session, we’ll meet up to view your images for the first time. Generally Ordering Sessions happen in the home, so we can measure walls, view images on the TV, and make better decisions based on decorations and wall colors. I’ll provide expert advice during the decision-making process for Graduation Announcements and the Yearbook image.

We’ll watch a slideshow of all your favorite images, then place your final print order of your favorite images from your Senior Session. My average client spends between $700 and $1200 purchasing prints, wall art, and a senior album. I don’t have a minimum print spend, but that’s what most people spend to get most everything they want. A minimum deposit of half of the final Print Order cost is due at the end of Ordering Session, and the remaining balance will be due on or before pick-up.

Your Print Order will arrive in about two weeks, and we’ll schedule a meet up to pay any remaining balance pick up your photos.


YES! Basic retouching, (color, temporary blemish cleanup, etc.) is included with every session! 

I like to keep it simple. At all costs I avoid the "glowing robot eyes," crazy whitened teeth looks, digital slimming, etc... Gross.

- Can parents come watch my senior session?

Short answer: Yes, parents are welcome. BUT READ: 

I make a huge effort to make my photo sessions feel like "friends hanging out and taking pictures" than this "big high pressure photoshoot” deal.  If your parents will make you nervous and uncomfortable, talk with them and have one or both come for the first few minutes of the session to get an idea of what's happening, then make an ice cream/Starbucks run or something. I want to get the image of the REAL YOU.

Bestie Sessions. Totally worth it. <3

Bestie Sessions. Totally worth it. <3

- Can I bring a friend to my session?

If you bring a buddy, I'll probably put him/her to work carrying your stuff. You may bring one friend to help you look your best. We might even sneak a couple bestie pics of you together!

Please don't bring the whole squad, and please don’t bring very young children/siblings. Your session is about YOU, and I can't have you distracted!

- Can I bring a pet to my session?

Look... I know you love Mister Floofy, and I know Mister Floofy is your everything. But from experience, having pets in photos really doesn't work out well. Pets get SO excited and overwhelmed by the new surroundings. No force will hold Mister Floofy down, and even the tastiest of treats will not cause him to look at the camera.

If you still reeeally want to bring Puppers to your session, bring a friend or parent along to keep the pet entertained elsewhere during your session, and only bring him out for a couple shots. You'll thank me later.

- Can I Bring My Boyfriend to My Session?

I know he's sooooo dreamy. But please. I highly recommend you do not bring your boyfriend to your session. I've done this long enough to know your boyfriend will distract you, make you nervous, and cause your images to not come out as good as they could be, which is what you’re paying me for!

- Do you offer in-studio portraits?

YES! Limited dates are available for studio & backdrop portraits. Shoot me a message for details!

- Will you reschedule for bad weather or illness?

Of course! I keep a few backup dates open every month just in case.

Jeremy Poland Photographer Grand Junction

- Can I use the photos on insta?

YES! You will be able to download your final photos directly to your phone. PLEASE feel free to post your senior session images online. Word of mouth is my best way I get new clients, and it makes me SO happy when my clients post their images. 

All I ask is you avoid color filters and effects when sharing online. They don’t play nice with pro photos!

 - Can i make my own prints at Walmart, Target, etc?

Unfortunately, I do not offer a copyright release to print images for any of my sessions.

When ordering through my professional print lab partners, you're paying for quality paper & inks that will last a lifetime. "Hour Photo" labs use cheap inks & paper that will poorly represent the photo quality you paid me for!


Due to the nature of my editing workflow, RAW images are not available.