refund policy


  • Payment in full is due before or on your session day. If payment is not completed before/on your session day, we'll reschedule a different time & date for your session. Note that during Senior season, I generally book about 2 months in advance, and your rescheduled date may not be soon.  I'm totally willing to set up online payment plans if it works best for you. :) 
  • In the case of camera failure, bad weather, or any other unforeseen incident that prevents me from shooting on a scheduled date, a new future date will be scheduled on my next available date.
  • If you need to reschedule a portrait session, please give me a week's notice if possible, and we'll reschedule a different date & time for your session.
  • Due to my consistent waiting list, if you need to completely cancel your portrait session, a refund may be possible if you give at least a week's notice.

There will be no refunds of any deposit or payment if you fail to attend your session.


Due to the nature of digital downloads, print costs, file hosting, and the time & effort I put into each session before, during, and after, I have a strict NO REFUND POLICY. Refunds/partial payment will not be allowed due to "not liking your photos". Once a transaction has been completed, it is considered non-refundable. I will be happy to do a reasonable amount of extra retouching after final images have been delivered if needed.