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Style Guide

Pro Tips to Look Your Best on Photo Day...

What to Wear

Whether I take your Senior Photos or someone else does, your wardrobe matters.

Here are a few tips I share to help my clients to look their best on photo day!

Diversify with three categories:

Something Natural

You can't go wrong with jeans and a nice top. Think casual, but avoid any big, distracting patterns, logos/text on clothing.

Something Fancy

Dress like date night! Or try a cool mid-length dress or romper. Pair with cool jewelry/watch, etc.

Something Unique

Rock your unique style. 80's band tees, Star Wars tees, leather jackets, flannel... Change it up!

Top 12 Pro Tips:

  • Do not bring wrinkled, or brand new folded clothes to your session. PLEASE make sure it's ironed and looking fresh. I cannot retouch wrinkled clothing.

  • If there are areas that you are uncomfortable with, don’t bring clothes that draw attention to those areas. If you don’t ‘love’ your arms, avoid strapless/sleeveless items.

  • I cannot fix tan lines in all of your images. If you don’t want your tan lines to show, choose something that covers them.

  • Giant comfy sweaters/cardigans are cute, but they'll make you look HUGE on camera. Just a heads up! Consider the way you look sitting, kneeling, from a side view, etc — I’ll be posing you into those positions.

  • Most Grandmas hate jeans with holes.

  • Solid colors and SIMPLE patterns look great. Denim, maroon, blue, and white/ivory just about always look awesome. Choose colors that look good against your skin tone, or bring out the color of your eyes! Keep patterns simple.

  • Short skirts and short rompers really limit our posing options. If you want to rock a skirt or romper, pick one that’s slightly longer.

  • I'm not a huge fan of photographing dark or black tops, especially in greenery/fall colors. You'll blend in!

  • If you choose black/dark clothing, bring a lint roller. They're $1 at the dollar store. This is especially important if you bring your letter jacket. I cannot edit pet hair or excessive lint off your clothing.

  • If we're shooting on the Mesa, please do not wear heels or expensive clothing. You'll regret it. 100% chance you'll get muddy, covered in pollen from flowers, and/or stink like bug spray.

  • Consider extra add-ons like a floppy hat, rad sunglasses/glasses, unique jewelry, matching scarf, etc.

  • I have a sweet pop-up changing tent if we need it. This makes outfit changes quick and easy!

Jeremy Poland Style Guide

Used with permission :) This top drove us crazy the whole time!

Used with permission :) This top drove us crazy the whole time!

Avoid tops like this

If it's loose & strapless, or will blow around/flip over weird in the wind, or if it falls off your shoulders with any movement, it's gonna drive us CRAZY while shooting. We'll be constantly fixing it. If you want to wear a top like this, wear it for a whole "test run" day before your session to make sure it'll work :)


face & Makeup


  • Wash your face twice a day, drink lots of water, and eat clean in the weeks leading up to your session.

  • If you struggle with acne, many of my seniors have had success avoiding dairy products in the weeks before their session day.

  • If you break out right before your session: It’s a lot easier for me to retouch a tiny spot than a big glob of cover up. Don’t stress :)

  • Do everything you can to get lots of sleep in the week before your session. (Don't work the late shift!) Tired eyes show on camera!

  • Crest WhiteStrips are a little spendy, but work very well. Many of my seniors whiten their teeth for a week before their photo session.

I HIGHLY recommend booking a makeup session at Ulta or Sephora in the afternoon before your session. Professional makeup is absolutely worth it, especially if you're less confident in your makeup skills. AND you'll feel like a supermodel for a day, which equals fiery confidence in your photos!

Book that makeup appointment at least a week in advance -- they fill up!


  • Waxed about one week before your session - (but do not wax the day of or the day before!) Ew!


  • Have your hair completely ready (cut & color) one week before your session.

  • Do a “practice” day if you need to. We can’t afford a bad hair day!

  • Bring a friend to your session to watch your hairgame if you need to!

  • Consider how weather/humidity affects your hair, and make decisions accordingly.


  • Emphasis on the eyes is important. Your mama wants to see your eyes in your photos. I always suggest waterproof (aka sweat-proof) mascara. Treat yourself to a brand new tube to avoid nasty clumps.

  • Cut down any shine and set your foundation with a translucent matte powder.

Please please please do not get a spray tan. It ends up blotchy and looks crazy weird on camera.

For the Guys:

The main problem I run into with the dudes is they urgently need Chap Stick. Chapped lips look super gross on camera. Pick some up for $1 and get on it in the weeks before your session.